Just launched another Spy Tool! You might remember me from previous tools such as AdsXposed. This one is focussed entirely on black hat ads only, all scraped from Facebook. All of the ads are manually categorized for you, so you can just login and jump directly to the vertical you’re working in.

Sure, there’s other spy tools out there such as AdSector; but they all suffer from one problem. They find literally hundreds of thousands of ads. This is a huge problem. It means that it takes hours and hours searching through brand / compliant ads to find the dirty ads you’re really after (if you can find them at all). We solve that problem by focussing on black hat ONLY. Sure, there’s less ads, but there’s all the ads that you want, all neatly categorized into verticals.

The ads aren’t limited to just one geo, they’re from a variety of different countries.

Categories that we’re currently covering:

Others (ED, Muscle, …)

We find that ads that are almost impossible to find with other tools. Casino angles like this and this as examples. You know how original people are these days .

We’re adding landing pages for over 70% of the new ads we find too. Which other tool can you login to and have 100 new casino & crypto angles ready to go? None. That’s how many.

The tool is is being limited to the amount of people who can have an active subscription, but there’s still spots left. If you’re running BH, I highly suggest checking it out while you still can

Screenshot 1 – https://i.imgur.com/4Aiaik8.jpg
Screenshot 2 – https://i.imgur.com/lRiBOQB.png