A Facebook Ads case study from an affiliate using MagicAdz to find the right ads. And hear this: $1.2k spent for $12.5k profit! That’s a real 10x! The campaign ran during the end of 2018 when Casino Rewards reopened India for testing some of their gambling offers.

Step 1: Research angles that affiliates actually run using MagicAdz. There’s a feature that shows specifically affiliate only ads, including those hidden with all sorts of tools.
Step 2: Select ads with lots of engagement, like this one.
Step 3: Go to see their landing pages. Trim down what is not needed and just likely to get you in trouble.
Step 4: Localize the ad. In this case, the ad above is from a Canadian offer, which was edited to this version for India.
Step 5: Start targeting broad. In this case, it was “People in India, who are 25 or older”, optimizing for clicks. The whole thing started strong from day 1, as you can see here. It was running at $50 per day budget, but the ad account time zone is different. So, you have to take that into account.
Step 6: Scaling. The results were already very good so no more testing was required. The big advantage of just taking a working set of ad + lander with MagicAdz. So the campaign was duplicated 5 times, with these end results.
Why stop after one week? The traffic didn’t back out for the advertiser. Instead of waiting to get feedback and optimize for the lead quality, the scale meant the offer owner couldn’t take the risk so they paused the affiliate. Check out the full case study, directly from this MagicAdz user right here.

Main takeaways:

Go less aggressive. It will help with the quality for the advertiser, it will help you get fewer complaints.
If the offer is promising, work on lead quality instead of scaling first.
Angles that work in one geo can be adapted to others.
Not a bad return, is it? One thing to keep in mind is that this affiliate has experience with more aggressive verticals. The good news is that MagicAdz is just as powerful for less aggressive e-commerce offers too!

In other words, you choose the hat you wear, MagicAdz just helps you uncover what ads really run on Facebook:

Affiliate ads only – exclude all branding ads you might not care about
Filter by vertical, for example, casino, crypto, sweeps, diet, ME, skin, muscle, CBD, e-com and more!
Ads from 49 countries.
Very powerful search: by ads, user comments and redirect path or landing page search including specific HTML code!
7 of the biggest e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento
These guys keep improving the tool at a fast pace, and we love that!