Alexa is a popular traffic meter well known to every webmaster and countless websurfers as well. It has been around for about 10 years and its position on the Internet is now indisputable. It comes in two flavors, so to speak: a toolbar that you install in your browser (at this point only Internet Explorer is actually fully supported, though the users of Firefox incorporate the use of an Alexa plug-in) and also a website. On the actual Alexa website, at alexa. com, you can look at the rankings connected with any website you can think of if you know its WEB ADDRESS. You can also make this happen by visiting the site itself provided your browser has the Alexa toolbar.

It is through this toolbar of which Alexa gathers information regarding the traffic on the WWW. Having the toolbar installed not only gives you the ability to see the actual Alexa rankings on the sites you go to, but also the ability to contribute for the Alexa’s collective site visitors knowledge. The more people make use of this toolbar in their browsers, the more precise our understanding of the WWW site visitors is.

The fact Alexa relies on these kinds of volunteer effort to get the traffic data constitutes its key limitation. As it is simple to imagine, there are plenty of web surfers around who do not use the toolbar and could never consider the process. They represent the overwhelming most of web users. Due to that, it’s only conceivable there are websites which get a steady and decent level of traffic but whoever Alexa rankings do not necessarily reflect this with regards to visitors’ browsers are certainly not equipped with the actual Alexa toolbar.

Clearly, the heavier the traffic to your given website, the greater the chances that several of its visitors use the Alexa toolbar thereby the more trustworthy the Alexa rankings of the site are. Normally, the Alexa Site visitors Rank, the primary Alexa traffic metric, of over 1 million is undoubtedly unreliable and actually the rankings between 10, 000 in addition to 100, 000 may be granted only a moderate level of trust. The lower the actual Alexa Traffic Rank of an given website, the heavier the traffic going without running shoes.